Ice Makers and Shavers (Non-plumbed)

Check out our comprehensive selection of commercial non plummed ice machines, ice makers, and ice shavers, ideal for busy catering establishments such as self-service restaurants, hotels, bars and tourist attractions where a large amount of ice is needed for drinks and displays.


Perfect for small establishments that do not have heavy ice requirements, these units do not need to be connected to a water supply, making it extremely portable and convenient.


Catering Equipment Australia houses a comprehensive selection of commercial fridges, freezers, refrigerated display units and ice makers. We cater to requirements of all businesses irrespective of the size & specialty.

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    Royston Benchtop Ice Maker - 15kg/24 hours
    This benchtop ice maker is the perfect addition to any home, boat, office or even small cafés and restaurants. The portability makes it ideal for light-medium duty use in places such as concession stands, market stalls and fairs.
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