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    TAN820 Medium Tandoori Oven
    The Tandoor Series Clay Ovens offer unprecedented efficiencies in the kitchen. High efficiency burners and quick heat recovery make these units ideal for busy kitchens.
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    Mitchel Refrigeration 1200mm Straight Glass Cold Display
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    Garland Modular Top 600mm 2 Burners Griddle Commercial Cooktop
    This Heavy Duty Restaurant Range Cooktop comes with 2 Modular Top Burners. The large 686mm deep work surface fits two 300mm pots. It has large easy-to-use control knobs sit flush to the ‘plate rail’ and the unit can sit on top of the optional stainless steel stand with storage shelf. Premium 15mm thick griddle with powerful cast iron ‘H’ burners for even heat distribution. Available in Natural or LP Gas.
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