Rotisserie Oven

A Rotisserie Oven is an essential equipment for restaurants who prepare large quantities of healthy & tasty meals. They can cook a wide range of speciality meat like chicken, turkey, beef & pork. The rotisseries slowly roasts meat to a juicy, tender finish which creates a unique taste. Additionally, as a result of the automatic cooking features, meals can be prepared without needing much of your staff’s attention. This helps in saving time & money for the business.


Catering Equipment Australia specialises in commercial cooking equipment and we cater to businesses of all sizes.

Check out our range of rotisserie ovens below.

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    Rotochix 12 Rod Chicken Rotisserie
    Cook the perfect charcoal chicken and bring customers through your door with delicious succulent chicken.
    Special Price $6,992.00 Regular Price $8,740.00
    Save $1,748.00