Rotisserie Oven

A Rotisserie Oven is an essential equipment for restaurants who prepare large quantities of healthy & tasty meals. They can cook a wide range of speciality meat like chicken, turkey, beef & pork. The rotisseries slowly roasts meat to a juicy, tender finish which creates a unique taste. Additionally, as a result of the automatic cooking features, meals can be prepared without needing much of your staff’s attention. This helps in saving time & money for the business.


Catering Equipment Australia specialises in commercial cooking equipment and we cater to businesses of all sizes.

Check out our range of rotisserie ovens below.

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    Rotochix 12 Rod Chicken Rotisserie
    Cook the perfect charcoal chicken and bring customers through your door with delicious succulent chicken.
    Special Price $7,480.00 Regular Price $9,350.00
    Save $1,870.00
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    Royston 4 Burner Infrared Vertical Rotisserie - Swing Model
    Make delicious gyros and kebabs for the perfect Aussie snack. The high performance burners cook the meat more evenly and faster so you can turn your meal around quicker. All Royston products are fully certified under Australian safety guidelines.
    Special Price $2,027.00 Regular Price $2,798.00
    Save $771.00