Commercial Gas Fryers

Catering Equipment Australia has a range of large free standing gas fryers that are a must have for establishments producing high amounts of crispy fried food such as fish and chip shops. Shop our range of quality brands for commercial fryers with Oxford and Frymaster.

  1. Garland GF16FRSE Open Pot Gas Deep Fryer
    The state-of-the-art Garland Heavy Duty Restaurant Series is a commercial range that has been engineered for unmatched performance and durability. The GF16-FRSE features stainless steel construction with a front rail and backguard that matches the other Restaurant Series units giving a sleek clean finish.
    Special Price $4,357.00 Regular Price $5,413.00
    Save $1,056.00
  2. Waldorf FN8226G 26 Litre Gas Deep Fryer
    Part of the Waldorf Heavy Duty 800 Series. Cleaner lines and consistency in modular design of the Waldorf Twin Pan Gas Fryer and across the entire range enable units to fit together to create an almost seamless kitchen workspace. 
    Special Price $5,126.68 Regular Price $6,568.25
    Save $1,441.57
  3. Oxford GFC400 Single Tank Freestanding Gas Deep Fryer
    The Oxford GFC400 is a high efficiency, freestanding gas commercial deep fryer, suitable for all your commercial deep frying needs.
    Special Price $2,523.20 Regular Price $3,154.00
    Save $630.80
  4. Oxford GFF600 Single Tank Gas Deep Fryer
    The Oxford GFF600 is a stylish high efficiency single tank freestanding commercial deep fryer. Suitable for your fish & chicken frying needs.
    Special Price $2,952.00 Regular Price $3,690.00
    Save $738.00
  5. Frymaster MJ140 15 Litre Single Tank Gas Deep Fryer
    The frying area is 305mm x 381mm. This 107.6mj model is specifically designed for all–purpose frying. The exclusive 1° action thermostat anticipates rapid rate of temperature rise, reducing temperature overshoot, extending shortening life and producing a more uniformly cooked product. Centerline thermostat mounting permits quick sensing (7–10 seconds) of cold food placed in either basket. Unique Master Jet burners have no burner tube radiants to burn out. No burner cleaning or...