Cleveland KET-12-T Electric self contained tilting kettle

Brand: Cleveland
Total Price with GST: $11516.37
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.Electric self contained tilting single kettle with 45 litre capacity, 2/3 steam jacketed. Solid state controls for accurate temperature control (+/-1°C) and low water safety. Supplied with high wattage elements. STANDARD FINISH: All stainless steel exterior.

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Cleveland KET-12-T Electric self contained tilting kettle

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Cleveland Table Top Electric Tilting Steam Kettle. Cleveland steam jacketed kettles offer ultra efficient heat transfer, uniform heating and superior product handling. Steam jacketed kettles offer faster cooking times because two thirds of the cooking surface comes into contact with the product at a much lower temperature, compared to stock pots that use a much higher temperature only at the bottom of the pot. In addition, accurate temperature controls eliminate constant monitoring and resetting. Foods won’t burn or scorch and you can hold product at a simmer without over cooking. This tabletop electric, self-contained, lever tilting kettles are 2/3 steam jacketed. Available in 45litre capacity in either single or twin models. They also feature solid state controls for accurate temperature control (±1°) and a low water safety system. - All exterior surfaces are stainless steel as standard - 415V 3phase connection 16.7amps 12.1kW - Right handle is standard

  • Product Width 610
  • Product Depth 432
  • Product Height 632
  • Recommended Retail Price (RRP) $12
  • Manufacturer Cleveland


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