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    Roband AF812 Single Tank Fryer Two Basket
    The Austheat AF812 has a single pan and comes complete with two heavy-duty stainless steel baskets. With robust construction, the AF812 will give you years of trouble free service in the production of high quality fried foods.
    Special Price $3,865.20 Regular Price $4,678.00
    Save $812.80
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    Roband AF813 Single Tank Fryer Three Basket
    This high performance single pan fryer has been specifically designed for the production of high volumes of fish and chips. It is equipped with three heavyduty, stainless steel baskets and a lid but can be used stand-alone for wet batters. Construction is similar to that of the AF812.
    Special Price $4,220.90 Regular Price $5,120.00
    Save $899.10
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    Roband Austheat AHT860 Hotplate/Grill
    The electric Austheat Hotplate Griller is the ideal solution for busy fast food outlets where high speed grilling and toasting is required. Ideal as a hamburger or grill station, the Austheat Hotplate/Grill is designed to work either as a stand alone machine or alongside Austheat Deep Fryers in a modular configuration.
    Special Price $4,536.73 Regular Price $5,491.00
    Save $954.27