As the popularity of Indian cuisine grows, so does the demand for restaurants and dining spaces that specialise in cuisine from this region. This brings us to a niche, but fast-emerging market: specialised equipment that’s used to prepare Indian food. The tandoori oven is one such piece of specialised equipment.


Like other ovens found in the market, a tandoori oven is also a fully enclosed, insulated chamber that is used to heat food. There are many variations on this concept, but all ovens essentially control the temperature within the oven cavity so food can be cooked evenly at a desired temperature. Depending on the type of oven, the heat could be provided from below, like in baking or roasting, or from the top, which is mainly seen when broiling food.

       tandoor - tandoori oven

Most tandoori ovens operated on the same principle. The cavity is made with clay and typically is cylindrical in shape with an inward curve, much like the shape of a jug. The cavity is accessed from the top. Traditionally, the outside of a tandoori would be made with an insulating material such as concrete or mud. A fire is built in the bottom which heats up the inside of the oven, which is then allowed to die down to coals to ensure the temperature is even and consistent whilst food is being cooked in it. Tandoori ovens have traditionally been extremely popular due to their ability to maintain an even, high temperature for hours with little additional fuel being added.

       tandoor - tandoori oven

At Catering Equipment, the tandoori ovens we offer effectively replicate this oven style but with a modern touch. The Tandoori oven by Tandoor in size medium and large are made in India and are placed on castors, which allows for easy cleaning and mobility, which is extremely important in a modern, busy kitchen. These ovens come with high efficiency burners and quick heat recovery too, making it an ideal addition to a busy kitchen.


Or range of tandoori ovens are made with a clay cavity, whereas the exterior frame is made with stainless steel. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and is also much easier to clean, in comparison to other materials. The heavy duty stainless steel frame along with the clay cooking chamber insulates the oven, which in turn increases heat retention. The simple, uncomplicated design requires little maintenance, making this a handy equipment to have in your commercial kitchen.


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