Commercial ovens: Which one is right for you?

While other equipment may be replaceable or have an alternative, commercial ovens can easily be considered one of the most important appliances in a commercial kitchen. In comparison to domestic ovens, commercial ovens are bigger, more powerful and offer the user more control in its different functions. Hence, they also require more maintenance are care whilst being installed.


Most commercial hospitality businesses will have more than one oven, each of which have their own unique functions and advantages. A commercial oven is also a long-term investment since they are expensive and typically aren’t replaced frequently. Hence it’s important to ensure the model you purchase is durable, efficient and suitable to your needs.


Finding a suitable model in the market can feel overwhelming if you’ve never shopped for ovens before, especially due to the wide range of oven types on offer. Each of them have specific functions, and it’s important to know what they are, so you finalise an oven type that will meet all or most of your needs. We list the different types of commercial ovens that exist in the market, along with their uses and advantages:


Convection oven: A commercial convection oven is quite similar to its domestic counterpart. It has a fan that allows for even air circulation inside the oven, making the heat consistent in all areas. A convection oven ensures fast, even cooking, so you aren’t left with your food being uncooked in some places and over cooked in the others.

Combination oven: Combination ovens are a popular model, since they offer both dry and steam convection options. With a combination oven, you’re able to prepare a wider variety of dishes, making it a more efficient appliance to invest in. This does also result in more maintenance and cleaning, since there are multiple sections of the oven that need to be cleaned.

Pizza oven: Most of us will have seen a pizza oven and can easily identify it, due to its unique design. A pizza oven comprises a heated stone or ceramic deck, with a low ceiling that ensures even, dry heat. Typically, pizza ovens are large and can easily fit multiple pizzas at once. The key to making the most of a pizza oven lies in using the right deck or stone, since this will also enhance the taste and texture of the pizzas made in it.

Conveyor oven: As the name suggests, in a conveyor oven, a conveyor belt slowly moves food through the oven, which allows for faster cooking. As cooked food emerges from one end of the oven, raw food can be loaded from the other end, so you can cook large amounts of food continuously. Conveyor ovens are best suited to cooked small to medium sized foods, such as toasties and pies.

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