Planetary Mixers

A Planetary Mixer specialises in mixing delicate ingredients including egg white, meringues, icings, and puddings. Unlike the traditional spiral mixers, a planetary mixer sports an agitator that moves while the bowl with the ingredients stays still. One of the reasons why planetary mixers are popular in the food industry is because they come with removable custom agitator attachments which can be used for a wide range of dishes. Catering Equipment Australia's range of planetary mixers start from capacities of 10 Litre and go up to 80 Litre. Check out our specialist planetary mixers below.

  1. Robot Coupe Planetary Mixer - SP100-S
    The Robot Coupe SP100-S Planetary Mixer is durable, reliable, fast, powerful and safe.
    Special Price $3,450.95 Regular Price $3,990.00
    Save $539.05